On Hash Tag Indescretions

Contributed to DanielleDaily.co.uk


I am certainly not one to revel in the death of another, but I cannot help but smirk at the recent Twitter faux pas of #nowthatchersdead. Statements had to be released to reassure worried fans that the 66-year-old pop diva was indeed still alive after the trending topic remained unclear to many.

Not surprisingly, this isn’t the first time that the humble hash tag has gone awry: one of my favourite Twitter bungles was that of Waitrose whom opted for #WaitroseReasons.

Just last year the supermarket opened themselves up to ridicule as they invited customers to Tweet their own reasons for shopping at the upmarket supermarket. #WaitroseReasons drew in responses such as…[Read More]


Music to our Ears

We at DDCA like to take in the trendiest of tracks whilst we work: we find it inspires a whole wealth of creativity and sets the tone well for the day.

We’ve compiled a special, collaborative playlist that allows each of us to select a track to play next, as well as add tracks to the playlist for future listening. This is shared music at it’s best!


What are you listening to at the moment?