Music to our Ears

We at DDCA like to take in the trendiest of tracks whilst we work: we find it inspires a whole wealth of creativity and sets the tone well for the day.

We’ve compiled a special, collaborative playlist that allows each of us to select a track to play next, as well as add tracks to the playlist for future listening. This is shared music at it’s best!


What are you listening to at the moment?




Paying the Pryce

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Huhne Price

News was announced today that Vicky Pryce was found guilty of perverting the course of justice by accepting liability for speeding points on behalf of ex-cabinet minister Chris Huhne.

Ms Pryce, whom was once married to Huhne claimed that she was forced to accept the points so that the former MP, who already had…[Read More]

The 3D Generation

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Since the rise of IMAX and the progression in DVD technology to Blu Ray, there promises to be a surge in remakes of cult-classics and Hollywood blockbusters in the coming years.

Originally released in 1986, ‘Top Gun’ is the latest box office hit to be re-released in IMAX format bringing the movie to…[Read More]