Let’s Talk About Me.


I recently took part in an online analysis of skills, knowledge and abilities on the Blackboard service of Newcastle College.

The results have shown me that I am good at the majority of course relevant skills however there do appear to be areas that might benefit from extra work.

I seem to have difficulty action planning and undertaking SWOT analysis. This is no surprise as I have mentioned in a previous post my dislike for generic learning methods. I find these encouraged techniques tedious and unhelpful in the long run. I am confident that my attitude towards them will not change and so I expect that I will always display an insufficient ability to adhere to the SMARTs, SWOTs and other self-evaluating methods of the education world.

In other news, it seems as though I display strengths in the use of computers, presentation skills and using search engines. These are all very relevant to the advertising industry: computer use is a given, as is the ability to research and source digital content, but in my opinion presentation skills are paramount in an ad agency: it’s great to have ideas but if you lack the confidence to portray those ideas to your colleagues and clients then you will find your career will stagnate.

Overall, I am happy with this outcome and look forward to seeing the results of a similar analysis towards the end of second year. It will be interesting to see my progress and if I have improved in a particular area.





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