Tricks of the Trade.

There you are folks – my very first input into Discovery Daily. As happy as I am with the copy, there are a few pointers that I need to take on board in order to develop my copywriting skills, particularly for web content.

One thing that I have forgotten to include (which is pretty important for retail copywriting) is the price of the products featured! This is easily rectified; however time-consuming.

Another vital component of the copy is the link by which our users can purchase the product featured. As an affiliate website, it’s important to deep link the URL and then, for the sake of social media and simplicity, that deep link needs to be shortened via

Taking into account that this copy will be directly compressed and uploaded to, I am starting to learn the language that is html. By incorporating it into my copy, it saves time and makes the process a whole lot smoother.  An example of this would be:

…Get your hands on Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet” for only £9.99

Becomes –

…Get your hands on Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet" for only £9.99


My time spent at the DDCA so far has been a huge learning curve. It has broadened my knowledge of how the agency works and the roles of specific people involved, as well as my knowledge of copy, social media, the Internet, and applications such as Excel and Photoshop. I am excited for the future of Discovery Daily and find myself searching for products to feature on an everyday basis. I have never been so clued up on trends in fashion, technology and leisure!



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