Getting The Copy Right.


My first studio blog post was written to be published to the DDCAs blog perhaps as a way in which to introduce me to the website or perhaps to make me familiar with the style in which the agency communicates with its clients, followers and friends. Either way, it opened my eyes to the creativity that can be enjoyed in the role of copywriter and I found that copywriting was enjoyable.  The process of seeking my topic, researching it and then communicating it in the right language, tone of voice and style was interesting to me.

The weeks that followed saw me introduced to ‘Discovery Daily’ – a project that had done well in the summer of 2011 but never gained enough momentum to go live. It had gathered more than 600 followers on Twitter and had a presence on Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ too. Adding to that nearly 700 users who had registered to the website: there was an audience there but no one was talking to them.

I briefly looked into the audience we had and the audience the DDCA were aiming to gain. From this I started putting together some ideas and an action plan by which we could get ‘Discovery Daily’ back on its feet. I had my work cut out, but I knew that if I put the work in, ‘Discovery Daily’ could be a winner.




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