Discovery Daily Posts – The First of Many.

This is the first work I completed for use with Discovery Daily. With ctaegories including fashion, leisure and technology, it’s important to produce posts coverring a wide range of products. It is also important to think of upcming events and make posts relevant to the consumer.



 The great British summer is upon us and, in turn, as is the great British festival season!

Come rain or shine, the festival season can only really be experienced al fresco. As a result it’s important to be well equipped – but no one wants to be spending valuable time pitching tents.  Introducing this fun newbie to the ‘Blacks’ website courtesy of Vango. Available in black or green, the Vango Dart 200 pop-up tent is, quite frankly, a necessity for all you crowd-surfing, music-loving socialites.  It’s lightweight and compact design means setting up camp is a breeze. Its quick erect technology means more time to get on and enjoy the weekend’s festivities: “Experience all the fun of camping, with none of the effort”. Rock on.





 Rugged British heritage meets trendy metrosexuality. All herald the Barbour man bag.

Since 1894, the Barbour family have produced their trademark wax jackets gaining praise for their durability, practicality and functionality. Add to that their fashion appeal and you’re on to a winner. The man bag is one of the latest trends to be taken under the Barbour wing with a range of stylish garments catering for the most discerning of gentlemen. This statement man bag is definitely one to be treasured: It just reeks of quality workmanship. Perfect for your pellets, snares and bait box, or alternatively, your wallet, phone and keys: whatever the adventure, this Barbour will keep you right.





 It’s a tough choice deciding which popular page-turner to take on holiday. Now you need not ever turn pages again. Literally.

 Now, you don’t need to be a big reader, or indeed a technology fiend, to appreciate the new Kindle Touch. Due for release on the 27th April 2012, Kindle have taken all their e-reader expertise and thrown in Wi Fi, multi touch technology and a battery life of up to 2 months! Weighing in at just 213 grams, it’s perfect accompaniment for your summer holidays. It can hold up to 3,000 publications too, so whether it’s the latest Dan Brown, a Lonely Planet guide or indeed a newspaper or magazine, this little gem is guaranteed to keep you occupied.





Be it a garden party with the neighbours, romanticising al fresco or a casual family BBQ, remember it’s all about the ambience!

It’s time to dust off your barbeque and pray for a summer full of garden parties and bratwurst. All going well weather-wise, it’s important to remember that as the balmy day ends and twilight descends, your gathering needn’t disperse. With these über trendy lamps dotted about your patch of terra firma, you can be sure to keep the party going into the wee hours. Available in blue, pink or yellow, they are also solar powered so there’s no need to faff on with wires or cables. With the manual power switch you can conserve power too so the rechargeable batteries won’t get haggard before their time.  Wünderbar!





A vacuum cleaner that’s easy to use and fun? Who knew?!

Are you keen to introduce a friend to the heavenliness of a clean and tidy desktop? Have a friend who makes a messy habit of missing their mouth whilst eating? Sounds like they may benefit from this. Powered by USB, this vacuum is available in black, yellow, orange and blue and comes with two attachments. It’s sure to keep their laptop spotless and their desk dust free.  No birthdays on the horizon? It works just as well on a self-gratuitous level.  Welcome to domestic godliness, my friend.





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