First DDCA studio blog post. It’s a tough ‘un, but here goes..!

After much deliberation, a good 20 minutes or so of sifting and copious amounts of sugar, I have managed to compile a list of the top five apps currently to be found on my treasured iPhone. The list is subject to change and I am under no illusion that tomorrow could herald the arrival of a shiny, new obsession. However, here goes –



Draw Something

 A close contender to ‘Words With Friends’, ‘Draw Something’ is bringing out the artist, and occasionally the cheat, in all of us. By “adding” friends or syncing with a Facebook account, friends are able to connect and play this ‘Pictionary’ inspired game via 3G or Wi-Fi. It has already gained a cult following on Facebook and trended on Twitter. Websites have been set up solely to promote the best and dire worst that participants have to offer. From “Cannons” and “Cats” to “Polkadot” and even “Beyoncé”, the user is given a choice of three words to draw ranging in difficulty. The most bizarre three I have been faced with? “Reggae”, “Bromance” and“Roosevelt”. Now, it’s not always easy, but it’s sure as hell entertaining.



 Apple recently entered the greetings cards market up against competition from companies such as ‘Moonpig’ and ‘Funky Pigeon’ with the release of their easy to use “Cards” app. By using a simple template, users can upload photos and insert text to customise their greeting all from their iPhone. The final design is then submitted (for a reasonable price) and printed on quality paper before being sent directly to the recipient; missing Dad’s birthday or Mother’s Day has never been so easily rectified. However, you may be caught out by the Latvian post-mark. Clearly Apple, Inc struggled to find a UK based printer.



 Ever struggled to find a gift that is unique, genuinely quirky or painfully fashionable? Fear not! ‘Etsy’ are here to help. With their range of gifts from cookware and clothing to figurines and art, it’s simple to find the perfect present for the fussiest of recipients.  But don’t be fooled in thinking that this App is for just your nearest and dearest; take a look and you’ll be sure to find a little treat or three for yourself too.



 Every now and then, one can be found lying in bed struggling to get to sleep. I like to utilise these times by changing my Facebook profile picture or perhaps updating my Twitter badge. However, at silly o’clock in the morning, creativity reigns and suddenly I find myself using ‘Fotoffiti’. First things first – select an image or use the iPhone’s camera to take a picture. Then ‘Fotoffiti’ turns your selected image into a stencil with which you can select a colour and spray. The result is a Banksy-esque portrait of your mush that you can MMS, email, Tweet or assign to Facebook with pride. Boredom averted. Marvellous.


Word Lens

 Ever been abroad and faced the prospect of trying to order dinner without a single English person in sight? If speaking slower and louder just won’t cut it, ‘Word Lens’ is for you.  Simply wave the camera over the menu and this clever little travel companion of an app uses augmented reality technology to magically translate the words right in front of your eyes. What’s more, it’s free. Failing that, “BigMac” is pretty universal; you won’t starve 😉 






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