Getting Amongst It.


My first day at the agency had arrived on the Monday and I very much hit the ground running. I was to be based at ‘Social HQ’ – “…the workspace and synergy shared by creative agency DDCA and specialists in brand development, design and digital Studio Precept.”  ( 

Firstly, I was introduced to Amy – Head of Digital (and general go-to for help and advice), Danielle Dunn – MD, and Hodda – Account Assistant, also interning.

I was given a brief outline of some of the clients that I might expect to work with: they included Dunelm Homes, Winn Solicitors and ScS Sofas. Before I knew it, I had acquired a to-do list and set about making a list of suggested improvements to the Dunelm Homes’ website, and writing up a site map of Winn Solicitors’ “Claim Calculator”. Total cups of tea made = six.

My first day at the DDCA was quite benign. I saw it as a bit of a formality: a way in which I could get a grasp on the running of the agency, and the agency could evaluate how I work. It was enjoyable, however I felt that I lacked a specific role or definition within the agency. This will obviously come with time; I’m going in the right direction! 


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