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It was Gareth Howells of Newhaven that first suggested adding ‘Kiss and Sell’ to my reading list. Working primarily as a copywriter on placement, I am beginning to view this book as somewhat of a handbook and fantastic reference for examples of great copy.

It not only contains “…insights from leading players in the advertising world, but also provides ideas and inspiration to the reader as to the most appropriate approach to copywriting”.

 I have learnt a lot from ‘Kiss and Sell’ and continue to use it to aid me in my own copywriting endeavours.



Discovery Daily Products – 16/04/12




The latest buzz in the suburbs!

Recent media would suggest that Britain is generating somewhat of a buzz for beekeeping. With “one in three mouthfuls of the food we eat dependant on bee pollination”, the British Beekeepers Association has been doing it’s bit in our schools and have captivated the minds of children countrywide. Thanks to, building your very own hive has never been so fashionable with their funky looking ‘Beehaus’. Available for £499 from Amazon in green, yellow, purple, white and red, and capable of providing up to 7kgs of honey, your garden, terrace or rooftop will be a hive of activity in no time!




 Be style savvy this season with the return of a classic. Summer, ahoy!


The chino has seen great popularity of late and several high street retailers have added their own twist on the classic design. With warmer weather on the horizon, you can do no wrong by ensuring that your chinos are incorporated into your summer wardrobe along with a good pair of boat shoes. We found these at, and being 100% leather and just £42.00, quite frankly, they tick all the boxes. Team with navy chinos or tailored shorts to rock the nautical look.





Invite the girls round and pop the kettle on: introducing tea party chic.

From John Lewis comes this delightful tea set by Portmeirion. True to their philosophy, Portmeirion have created a collection that is not only beautiful but also functional and affordable. Tastefully decorated with birds and butterflies set upon vibrant pinks and blues, the set includes cups, saucers, a cake stand and even a cake slice. Starting from just £8.00, you’ll always find an excuse to get out your best china.





Forget your Mojitos, Cosmopolitans and Mai Tais, 2012 is all about the revival of the 80’s cocktail.

Bring on the Sex on the Beach, Blue Lagoon and the classic Woo Woo. Reach for those shoulder pads and pop on a bit of ‘Club Tropicana’ to get you in the mood. Then, really get the party going with this retro inspired slush maker for just £53.99. It’s one thing making a Pina Colada, but it’s another having it perfectly chilled and on tap. Add your garnish and the obligatory umbrella and you’re all set. You’ll be channelling vibes of Tom Cruise before you know it.




April is upon us and with it comes those pesky showers.

It’s finally happened – a designer has managed to make the cag in a bag fashionable: Cath Kidston has taken her panache for quaint, pastel florals and utilised them to brighten up the rainiest of days.  By folding right down into its bag, the cag can be kept at hand in your handbag or glovebox. With matching ‘Petal’ accessories and costing just £26.00, April showers never looked so good.



Tricks of the Trade.

There you are folks – my very first input into Discovery Daily. As happy as I am with the copy, there are a few pointers that I need to take on board in order to develop my copywriting skills, particularly for web content.

One thing that I have forgotten to include (which is pretty important for retail copywriting) is the price of the products featured! This is easily rectified; however time-consuming.

Another vital component of the copy is the link by which our users can purchase the product featured. As an affiliate website, it’s important to deep link the URL and then, for the sake of social media and simplicity, that deep link needs to be shortened via

Taking into account that this copy will be directly compressed and uploaded to, I am starting to learn the language that is html. By incorporating it into my copy, it saves time and makes the process a whole lot smoother.  An example of this would be:

…Get your hands on Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet” for only £9.99

Becomes –

…Get your hands on Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet" for only £9.99


My time spent at the DDCA so far has been a huge learning curve. It has broadened my knowledge of how the agency works and the roles of specific people involved, as well as my knowledge of copy, social media, the Internet, and applications such as Excel and Photoshop. I am excited for the future of Discovery Daily and find myself searching for products to feature on an everyday basis. I have never been so clued up on trends in fashion, technology and leisure!


Discovery Daily Posts – The First of Many.

This is the first work I completed for use with Discovery Daily. With ctaegories including fashion, leisure and technology, it’s important to produce posts coverring a wide range of products. It is also important to think of upcming events and make posts relevant to the consumer.



 The great British summer is upon us and, in turn, as is the great British festival season!

Come rain or shine, the festival season can only really be experienced al fresco. As a result it’s important to be well equipped – but no one wants to be spending valuable time pitching tents.  Introducing this fun newbie to the ‘Blacks’ website courtesy of Vango. Available in black or green, the Vango Dart 200 pop-up tent is, quite frankly, a necessity for all you crowd-surfing, music-loving socialites.  It’s lightweight and compact design means setting up camp is a breeze. Its quick erect technology means more time to get on and enjoy the weekend’s festivities: “Experience all the fun of camping, with none of the effort”. Rock on.





 Rugged British heritage meets trendy metrosexuality. All herald the Barbour man bag.

Since 1894, the Barbour family have produced their trademark wax jackets gaining praise for their durability, practicality and functionality. Add to that their fashion appeal and you’re on to a winner. The man bag is one of the latest trends to be taken under the Barbour wing with a range of stylish garments catering for the most discerning of gentlemen. This statement man bag is definitely one to be treasured: It just reeks of quality workmanship. Perfect for your pellets, snares and bait box, or alternatively, your wallet, phone and keys: whatever the adventure, this Barbour will keep you right.





 It’s a tough choice deciding which popular page-turner to take on holiday. Now you need not ever turn pages again. Literally.

 Now, you don’t need to be a big reader, or indeed a technology fiend, to appreciate the new Kindle Touch. Due for release on the 27th April 2012, Kindle have taken all their e-reader expertise and thrown in Wi Fi, multi touch technology and a battery life of up to 2 months! Weighing in at just 213 grams, it’s perfect accompaniment for your summer holidays. It can hold up to 3,000 publications too, so whether it’s the latest Dan Brown, a Lonely Planet guide or indeed a newspaper or magazine, this little gem is guaranteed to keep you occupied.





Be it a garden party with the neighbours, romanticising al fresco or a casual family BBQ, remember it’s all about the ambience!

It’s time to dust off your barbeque and pray for a summer full of garden parties and bratwurst. All going well weather-wise, it’s important to remember that as the balmy day ends and twilight descends, your gathering needn’t disperse. With these über trendy lamps dotted about your patch of terra firma, you can be sure to keep the party going into the wee hours. Available in blue, pink or yellow, they are also solar powered so there’s no need to faff on with wires or cables. With the manual power switch you can conserve power too so the rechargeable batteries won’t get haggard before their time.  Wünderbar!





A vacuum cleaner that’s easy to use and fun? Who knew?!

Are you keen to introduce a friend to the heavenliness of a clean and tidy desktop? Have a friend who makes a messy habit of missing their mouth whilst eating? Sounds like they may benefit from this. Powered by USB, this vacuum is available in black, yellow, orange and blue and comes with two attachments. It’s sure to keep their laptop spotless and their desk dust free.  No birthdays on the horizon? It works just as well on a self-gratuitous level.  Welcome to domestic godliness, my friend.




Getting The Copy Right.


My first studio blog post was written to be published to the DDCAs blog perhaps as a way in which to introduce me to the website or perhaps to make me familiar with the style in which the agency communicates with its clients, followers and friends. Either way, it opened my eyes to the creativity that can be enjoyed in the role of copywriter and I found that copywriting was enjoyable.  The process of seeking my topic, researching it and then communicating it in the right language, tone of voice and style was interesting to me.

The weeks that followed saw me introduced to ‘Discovery Daily’ – a project that had done well in the summer of 2011 but never gained enough momentum to go live. It had gathered more than 600 followers on Twitter and had a presence on Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ too. Adding to that nearly 700 users who had registered to the website: there was an audience there but no one was talking to them.

I briefly looked into the audience we had and the audience the DDCA were aiming to gain. From this I started putting together some ideas and an action plan by which we could get ‘Discovery Daily’ back on its feet. I had my work cut out, but I knew that if I put the work in, ‘Discovery Daily’ could be a winner.



First DDCA studio blog post. It’s a tough ‘un, but here goes..!

After much deliberation, a good 20 minutes or so of sifting and copious amounts of sugar, I have managed to compile a list of the top five apps currently to be found on my treasured iPhone. The list is subject to change and I am under no illusion that tomorrow could herald the arrival of a shiny, new obsession. However, here goes –



Draw Something

 A close contender to ‘Words With Friends’, ‘Draw Something’ is bringing out the artist, and occasionally the cheat, in all of us. By “adding” friends or syncing with a Facebook account, friends are able to connect and play this ‘Pictionary’ inspired game via 3G or Wi-Fi. It has already gained a cult following on Facebook and trended on Twitter. Websites have been set up solely to promote the best and dire worst that participants have to offer. From “Cannons” and “Cats” to “Polkadot” and even “Beyoncé”, the user is given a choice of three words to draw ranging in difficulty. The most bizarre three I have been faced with? “Reggae”, “Bromance” and“Roosevelt”. Now, it’s not always easy, but it’s sure as hell entertaining.



 Apple recently entered the greetings cards market up against competition from companies such as ‘Moonpig’ and ‘Funky Pigeon’ with the release of their easy to use “Cards” app. By using a simple template, users can upload photos and insert text to customise their greeting all from their iPhone. The final design is then submitted (for a reasonable price) and printed on quality paper before being sent directly to the recipient; missing Dad’s birthday or Mother’s Day has never been so easily rectified. However, you may be caught out by the Latvian post-mark. Clearly Apple, Inc struggled to find a UK based printer.



 Ever struggled to find a gift that is unique, genuinely quirky or painfully fashionable? Fear not! ‘Etsy’ are here to help. With their range of gifts from cookware and clothing to figurines and art, it’s simple to find the perfect present for the fussiest of recipients.  But don’t be fooled in thinking that this App is for just your nearest and dearest; take a look and you’ll be sure to find a little treat or three for yourself too.



 Every now and then, one can be found lying in bed struggling to get to sleep. I like to utilise these times by changing my Facebook profile picture or perhaps updating my Twitter badge. However, at silly o’clock in the morning, creativity reigns and suddenly I find myself using ‘Fotoffiti’. First things first – select an image or use the iPhone’s camera to take a picture. Then ‘Fotoffiti’ turns your selected image into a stencil with which you can select a colour and spray. The result is a Banksy-esque portrait of your mush that you can MMS, email, Tweet or assign to Facebook with pride. Boredom averted. Marvellous.


Word Lens

 Ever been abroad and faced the prospect of trying to order dinner without a single English person in sight? If speaking slower and louder just won’t cut it, ‘Word Lens’ is for you.  Simply wave the camera over the menu and this clever little travel companion of an app uses augmented reality technology to magically translate the words right in front of your eyes. What’s more, it’s free. Failing that, “BigMac” is pretty universal; you won’t starve 😉 





Getting Amongst It.


My first day at the agency had arrived on the Monday and I very much hit the ground running. I was to be based at ‘Social HQ’ – “…the workspace and synergy shared by creative agency DDCA and specialists in brand development, design and digital Studio Precept.”  ( 

Firstly, I was introduced to Amy – Head of Digital (and general go-to for help and advice), Danielle Dunn – MD, and Hodda – Account Assistant, also interning.

I was given a brief outline of some of the clients that I might expect to work with: they included Dunelm Homes, Winn Solicitors and ScS Sofas. Before I knew it, I had acquired a to-do list and set about making a list of suggested improvements to the Dunelm Homes’ website, and writing up a site map of Winn Solicitors’ “Claim Calculator”. Total cups of tea made = six.

My first day at the DDCA was quite benign. I saw it as a bit of a formality: a way in which I could get a grasp on the running of the agency, and the agency could evaluate how I work. It was enjoyable, however I felt that I lacked a specific role or definition within the agency. This will obviously come with time; I’m going in the right direction!