Opportunity Knocks.



It was during a visit to Amsterdam that I first heard word of interview confirmation for the placement – Thursday 29th March at 14:00. It gave me 2 days to prepare.

I arrived at the Old Glendale Pub just off Shields Road, Newcastle and set about searching for “a black door”. Nestled discreetly above Gorman’s Fish & Chip shop was the Danielle Dunn Creative Agency. Account manager Kate was my interviewer and I set about outlining the modules I had worked on as part of the FdA Creative Advertising course, and pulled a few bits and bobs out of my portfolio as examples. I felt it went well.


Ideally, It would have been nice to have created a portfolio specifically for interview so as to showcase the best of my work, however being only 6 months into a two year course, and with work still held at college for assessment, I didn’t have much to hand.


At 18:00 that day, I received a phone call from Kate. DDCA had offered me the placement and asked if I could start that following Monday. What a fantastic opportunity! Suddenly it dawned on me: 14 hours a week at college, 35 hours a week at work, and now 16 hours a week at DDCA – I was going to be a busy bee.



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