A Different Perspective.

This print ad for ‘Sharpie – Ultra Fine Point’ is a visually intriguing way of capturing the function of the product.

The simplicity of the image in the foreground grabs our attention first, and then we see the subject matter out of focus behind it. This use of perspective allows our attention to remain on the product in hand. The eye begins scanning over the easel and we begin to appreciate the finer details. At this point, we notice that the easel is made from matchsticks. Suddenly there is a whole new perspective to this image and we appreciate the scale of the subject. We relate that scale to the product (the Sharpie) and begin to appreciate its unique selling point.


 In my opinion,  Giovanni+Draftfcb have provided a light-hearted print ad with a recurring theme of perspective. I find it interesting and intriguing: it makes me want to know more. 







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