Copywriting Workshop – Drummond Central.


As part of a module, we took part in a copywriting workshop, led by Drummond Central, which saw us explore existing examples of copywriting as well as different ways to generate ideas and create good copywriting.

We were each given a celebrity name for which we had to write a lonely-hearts advert. The trick was to be clever with our copy so as to give small hints as to the identity of the celebrity and not give it away within the first sentence. My lonely-hearts advert was as follows –

“Forty-nine year old male who stands out from a ‘Few Good Men’. Seeking younger female for ‘Risky Business’ and possibly ‘Endless Love’. Has ‘All The Right Moves’ and is an all-round ‘Top Gun’. Up for a ‘Cocktail’ both ‘Knight & Day’. Is this ‘Mission: Impossible’? Suri not…”

The celebrity assigned to me was Tom Cruise.

I found the exercise useful because it highlighted the importance of being as creative as possible with just words. The lonely-hearts advert was read aloud to the group so it also stressed the importance of tone of voice and how large a role that played too. It opened my eyes to the relevance and significance of copy and that advertising is not reliant on strong visuals alone.


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