Simon & Sue Tell Their Storey.

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The group was also fortunate enough to be paid a visit by Simon & Sue Storey from DiFFERENT. Being a creative team, it was interesting to see how the art director and the copywriter work together. We were guided through how their own studies had led to their careers and subsequent career progression. It was also explained to us how we might go about deciding on our own route through advertising; be it as a copywriter or as an art director.

The DiFFERENT workshop also answered a lot of the group’s questions with regard to the role of the art director.

I learnt that the art director is the person responsible for the visual of the piece. They also supervise and unify the vision: they transform the concept into words and pictures. For example in publishing, particularly magazines, the art director would set the template that attracts readers month after month. The art director typically has a background in fine art or graphic design subjects, as well as knowledge of computer design software. The art director would normally have the final say on most creative decisions.

I have found that the copywriting & art direction workshops have proved particularly beneficial in helping to broaden my knowledge of the subject and also acted as a catalyst in encouraging me to start thinking about what area I might want to specialise in. Both aspects of the industry are appealing, however I feel it may be useful to start developing skills with one of the two roles in mind.


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