The SMART way to set targets.


Linked in with my studies, I have been encouraged to set SMART targets. SMART being an acronym as follows  – 








SMART targets are a good way to ensure personal development and in turn increase productivity and skills. They are helpful as a way of displaying progress and provide self-gratification and encouragement to the participant.


My own SMART target would be to manage my time in a more structured way so that my work load is comfortable and deadlines are promptly met.


By using a diary and to-do list, I will be able to keep track of my progress for each module. Referring to my module guide is also a good way of ensuring that I am managing my time well.


This target is dependent on self-motivation, responsibility and sensibility. Making sure that I don’t work too many hours at my job is vital in ensuring that I can focus attention on my studies for example; being employed full time, I can easily be distracted away from college work and find myself falling behind. This target is relevant in aiding the development of my time management skills – skills necessary for most aspects of life.


This target will be ongoing and particularly important during the build up to a hand-in and over college holidays. It will last the duration of the course and be self-enforced and self-assessed.



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