On Hash Tag Indescretions

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I am certainly not one to revel in the death of another, but I cannot help but smirk at the recent Twitter faux pas of #nowthatchersdead. Statements had to be released to reassure worried fans that the 66-year-old pop diva was indeed still alive after the trending topic remained unclear to many.

Not surprisingly, this isn’t the first time that the humble hash tag has gone awry: one of my favourite Twitter bungles was that of Waitrose whom opted for #WaitroseReasons.

Just last year the supermarket opened themselves up to ridicule as they invited customers to Tweet their own reasons for shopping at the upmarket supermarket. #WaitroseReasons drew in responses such as…[Read More]


Music to our Ears

We at DDCA like to take in the trendiest of tracks whilst we work: we find it inspires a whole wealth of creativity and sets the tone well for the day.

We’ve compiled a special, collaborative playlist that allows each of us to select a track to play next, as well as add tracks to the playlist for future listening. This is shared music at it’s best!


What are you listening to at the moment?



Paying the Pryce

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Huhne Price

News was announced today that Vicky Pryce was found guilty of perverting the course of justice by accepting liability for speeding points on behalf of ex-cabinet minister Chris Huhne.

Ms Pryce, whom was once married to Huhne claimed that she was forced to accept the points so that the former MP, who already had…[Read More]

The 3D Generation

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Since the rise of IMAX and the progression in DVD technology to Blu Ray, there promises to be a surge in remakes of cult-classics and Hollywood blockbusters in the coming years.

Originally released in 1986, ‘Top Gun’ is the latest box office hit to be re-released in IMAX format bringing the movie to…[Read More]

‘Dinnit Lose Yer Heed’

As part of our Work Based Learning module, we were given the option to choose one of two briefs –‘Caledonia Best Ale’ as set by Newhaven and ‘NHS Flu Jab’ as set by Leith.


We travelled to Edinburgh and visited both agencies where we worked on each brief in a workshop environment receiving help and advice from industry professionals.

I found the flu jab campaign particularly difficult due to the restraints set by the brief. There were a lot of compulsories involved with regards to tone of voice, imagery and logo inclusion. I felt that it was quite difficult to be creative with so many limitations in place and as a result favoured the ‘Caledonia Best Ale’ campaign.


In our group we first set about exploring as many truths as possible surrounding the product and its manufacturers. These tanged from “served on draught” to “made with Scottish ingredients”. From roughly forty truths we were able to whittle them down to a select six. These six became the foundation of our campaign and we set about generating ideas.


We produced several scamps, visuals and examples of copy before settling on one idea in particular and developing it further keeping in mind our target audience and the brief. I have focused on the copy as I feel I am currently at a stage where I am keen to explore copywriting and develop my copywriting skills further.

Being mainly copy based I decided to produce my final piece digitally for the first time. Previously I had drawn each submission to art director visual standard. By including digital software, my final idea has been fully realised. The colour and quality of the print bring the idea to life in a way that hand drawing wouldn’t. 


I am very happy with my final campaign for Caledonia Best Ale. I feel I have followed the brief well and communicate the relevant message to the relevant audience. The copy causes intrigue and encourages the reader to learn more: it makes people think. Upon learning more, the piece becomes quite humourous. It remains patriotic with obvious reference to Scotland’s history, but steers clear from being offensive or insulting. 



Keeping it Relevant.

For advertisers, there is a great need to remain relevant. By keeping up to date with current affairs is a good way to start, however it is vital to be one step ahead in order to succeed in reaching your audience promptly and effectively. 

As part of my placement at the DDCA, I have learnt that it is vital to market your product at a relevant time in a relevant way. Being driven by social media, www.discoverydaily.co.uk is reliant on reaching its demographic via email and social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. 

This is the latest email that I have composed to outline the products available that are relevant to the Olympics. London2012 is very much at the forefront of everyones minds and is being featured everywhere. By being associated with it, I increase Discovery Daily’s reach and appeal. 


Let’s Talk About Me.


I recently took part in an online analysis of skills, knowledge and abilities on the Blackboard service of Newcastle College.

The results have shown me that I am good at the majority of course relevant skills however there do appear to be areas that might benefit from extra work.

I seem to have difficulty action planning and undertaking SWOT analysis. This is no surprise as I have mentioned in a previous post my dislike for generic learning methods. I find these encouraged techniques tedious and unhelpful in the long run. I am confident that my attitude towards them will not change and so I expect that I will always display an insufficient ability to adhere to the SMARTs, SWOTs and other self-evaluating methods of the education world.

In other news, it seems as though I display strengths in the use of computers, presentation skills and using search engines. These are all very relevant to the advertising industry: computer use is a given, as is the ability to research and source digital content, but in my opinion presentation skills are paramount in an ad agency: it’s great to have ideas but if you lack the confidence to portray those ideas to your colleagues and clients then you will find your career will stagnate.

Overall, I am happy with this outcome and look forward to seeing the results of a similar analysis towards the end of second year. It will be interesting to see my progress and if I have improved in a particular area.